Working with your athletes

The Paddle Clinic

We saw a unique opportunity to grow paddlers beyond just everyday standards in our local area of Christchurch, New Zealand. We are abundant with multisport paddlers who typically get to a level of satisfaction and then race, or not even that.

We believe every paddler should perform at their best, enjoy the journey of growth in their boat with like minded people and great supporters.

As their multi-discipline coach we seek to support you and your athlete. We put the combination of biomechanics and high performance measuring with advanced downriver skills. An arm of your service to grow better paddlers.

When your athlete signs up we determine who their performance/endurance coach is and at the end of each period we summarise and report outcomes and future actions to both the athlete and you.

We encourage athletes to remain in their paddle training environment. Our service is not a replacement for what they are already doing, as we believe that them sharing their learning and improvement will integrate their understanding and others' even further.                    021 134 3585                 or message us on Facebook