About Us

The Paddle Clinic

Our story begins with service. One half of us wants to serve paddlers outside of high performance and use his skills to impact more peoples paddling careers, the other wants to make kayaking more accessible, coaching more affordable and overall more effective. 

The Paddle Clinic was dreamed up and all of the fun connotations and ideas associated with it. 

We saw a gap in coaching services. We don't want to compete with what already exists but enhance the paddling community and increase the skills of those participating. 

Leigh brings a wealth of knowledge in the science and art of paddling and Chris has a background as a multisport coach (kayak is his specialty) and sees what's needed on the front line, on the river.

The Paddle Clinic exists to up skill paddlers at every level. With our home town of Christchurch being a hub of multisport, K1 and surf ski paddlers; what better place to start. 

Our block courses are purpose built to develop your paddle skills (with a wing paddle) in your boat of choice so that you are the most prepared you can be to meet your goal nose on as slick as possible. 

We work in with your multisport coach as specialist kayak coaches so we have systems to report your progress to them and you so that you kayak progression with us can work in seamlessly with any structures you already have in place. If your coach wants to know more send them HERE


Why The Paddle Clinic? 


  • Two coaching niches - one effective service.
  • Qualified, experienced coaches.
  • 4 week block progression to take you from zilch to proficient with a wing paddle and an appropriate multisport boat.
  • We compliment your multisport coach (if you have one) as we specialise in an area most coaches potentially wouldn't. 
  • We're passionate about what we do.



thepaddleclinic@gmail.com                    021 134 3585                 or message us on Facebook